The Breed is gone and in a new home now

Well, I sold my Felt Breed SSCX bike last week and just got confirmation that the packaged arrived and the buyer is happy.  I will miss it as it was a fun bike to have around.  It served it’s purpose, but is now in a better place. I am also killing as I now […]

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NABRA and USCX: North American Bicycle Racing Association Governing Body Challenges USAC For Racers

NABRA and USCX: North American Bicycle Racing Association Governing Body Challenges USAC For Racers | Cyclocross Magazine – Cyclocross News, Races, Bikes, Photos, Videos. one of the many reasons I am excited to get back to Oregon and rejoin up with OBRA.  Personally, I feel USAC needs to change and with NABRA, USCX, and OBRA […]

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clever cyclocross riders are clever. #slide

  the all-star remount is great, not sure I’d be able to recover.  That there is expert level riding…er sliding. wissellSlide.gif (333×500).

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Like riding a totally different bike.

Wow. Flipped the stem, put my backup shimano pedals, tossed on some speed king tires, and raised the seat post. I just need a new chain and I’ll be in business (chain is cut short for the gearing I want (42t front, 11-27t cassette) #iamexcitebike 

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[FOR SALE] On-One Dirty Disco #cyclocross frameset

One Large (57cm) On-One Dirty Disco frameset. Carbon fiber disc ready cyclocross racing machine.  Yours for only $600. Pay With Bitcoin I will include the seat post collar, headset, and free shipping to the lower US. This frameset has been really really good to me and I hate to give it up as it fits […]

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DAAAANG! Kick start my heart!

Wow, what a pretty frame. I’m in, anyone want to buy my Dirty Disco frame so I can pick this up? +Planet X Bikes +On-One NOTE: This originally posted on my G+ account, follow along here:

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Try cyclocross they said…

Link: vpXmTIz.jpg 960×821.

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This is how you do cyclocross at an elite level

Thanks WTFkits for the link < check them out if you like making fun of we cyclists and the clown outfits that we wear in public.  

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Watch “How its Made – Cow Bells” on YouTube

In honor of Cyclocross season.


what is #backyardcx2013?

I like riding my bike.  It goes without saying.  Just look at the domain name.  Ever since we moved into our house I have been thinking of different routes around the trees and throughout the backyard for a mini cyclocross course just for me to play and train.  While I don’t have any plans to actually race this season due to the business of life as a dad in the Midwest (poor excuse) I still like riding my On-One Dirty Disco in its native habitat.

So to answer the question what is #backyardcx2013?

It is a cyclocross race against one’s self in one’s backyard or close by city park in which one rides laps to better one’s fitness and soul.

“Why did you put a dumb hashtag on the name, Jeremy?”

The hashtag is so that I can follow my progress as I ride this course over and over and over.

Here is the course via Strava:

And here is the results of my first 4 lap running of it, only 20 minutes as I realized I am in no shape to be pushing CX type levels of running and riding:

My initial  goal with this is to push towards 40 min and 8 laps.  I will get there, it just takes time.

If I had a GoPro I would shoot a video of it, but you get to see the DD at the start line ;)


Have fun, and try #backyardcx2013 for yourself